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Ranjologz reborn is a modification of the RJ5 server. hope you will enjoy your stay here..

    RanJologz Rules and Regulations

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    [Web] BlackWidow
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    RanJologz Rules and Regulations Empty RanJologz Rules and Regulations

    Post  [Web] BlackWidow on Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:50 pm

    Please enjoy playing and follow some simple rules.

    1. Respect the Admin and the GM’s.

    2. Hacking, duplicating items or using Bug Exploits will result ban.

    3. If you want to report anything, send some SS ( Screen Shot ) to prove it.

    4. Do not give your userID / password information to other players.

    5. Do not ask items / gold or buying/selling/trading/events to any Admin or GM’s.

    6. Do not ask Admin or Gm’s to remove your PK stats.

    7. Do not make guilds with Admin & GM’s.

    8. Ran Jologz does not favor any persons /race / religion.

    9. Use of any type of hacks / bugs is strictly forbidden.

    10. Admin / GM`s do not favor any persons / groups on the server, they are completely neutral.

    11. Insults addressed to other players are forbidden. ( SS if needed )

    12. Insults addressed to Admin / GM’s will not be tolerated. (1st WARNING, 2nd TEMPORARY CB, 3rd ACCOUNT DELETE)

    13. Abbuse of the Megaphone that will result to Flaming conversation will result to a TEMPORARY CB.

    14. Using Megaphones to Insult Admin / GM`s/ Players will not be tolerated, Immediate CB. (Depending on what kind of insult)

    15. Do not make fake Admin’s / GM’s guilds like: *ADMIN* *GM* or similar.

    16. Do not make characters with fake Admin/GM names or similar.

    17. PK (Player Kill) is allowed in all places. (Except SG, MP, PNX campuses)

    18. Have FUN!!!!!!!

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